CACLT Championships & Results

Updated with Results:

Canadian Age Class Long Track Championships

Congratulations to Jayva A on her silver medal in 500m girls T2T11!





































The Border Blades will have 6 skaters eligible to compete at the Canadian Age Class Long Track Championships in Edmonton on February 4-5. Congratulations to Jayva A, Shaye H, Keeley L, Leander L, Erica P, and Rebekah S.  This is a national level competition, and a great experience for our skaters!

Upcoming Long Track Meets & Results

Updated with Results:

Edmonton Winter Classic Long Track Meet

Congratulations to Brooke J, who placed 6th overall in Division 1.

Brooke J at Edmonton Winter Classic Long Track Meet.

2017 Winter Classic Olympic Oval Results

Great job Emma S!  She competed in the 2017 Winter Classic February 10-12 in Calgary.

There are a number of Long Track Meets coming up that our skaters are able to participate in.  Please contact your coach if you have any questions.

Edmonton Winter Classic Long Track Meet – January 21
Registration is due January 12

Regina Long Track Meet – January 21-22
Registration is due January 12

Alberta Open Long Track Meet in Red Deer – January 28-29
Registration is due January 19

Saskatoon Long Track Meet Information & Results

Updated with Results:

Saskatoon Long Track Meet Results

Great job to our skaters Shaye H, Kyla N, Ashford S, Spencer S, and Avery S.

Here is a great warm-up opportunity for anyone heading to Calgary on our bus trip!

Saskatoon Long Track Meet is being held on January 7 & 8 2017.  Registration is due by December 22, 2016.  Please make sure to update the competition document to indicate you are attending.

Saskatoon Long Track Meet Registration

Mini Meet Results November 3

What a great way to get our competitive season underway! Great skating by all our skaters, and a huge thanks to all our volunteers and parents for making it an awesome first meet for our kids.

Here are the time results from Mini Meet 1. 

Please note that the points and placings are not accurate nor relevant due to the meet format. Only the times are valid.


Result of Mini Meet November 3 2016

CanWest ST Championship Results

CanWest Results 2016

Congratulations to the 5 Border Blades skaters who competed at the Canada West Short Track Championships on March 19-20, 2016 in Edmonton.

CanWest Results

Shaye Holzinger (T2T 13) 8th place
Venna Andersen (T2T 12) 4th place, Bronze 200m pursuit, Bronze 1500m, Gold Relay
Brooke Jory (T2T 14) 9th place
Rebekah Shurnaik (T2T 12) 13th place
Terissa Wright (T2T 11) 9th place


Back row, former National Team members: Danielle Wotherspoon-Gregg, Jamie Gregg, Tamara Oudenaarden, Jessica Gregg
Border Blades Front Row: Brooke, Venna, Shaye, Rebekah, Terissa

RU Fast Results

RU Fast Calgary – February 27-28, 2016


What a great weekend for our Border Blades skaters!
Benn Wright – T2T14 SILVER
Shaye Holzinger T2T13 – BRONZE
Venna Andersen – T2T12 GOLD
Carsten Campbell – Div 6 GOLD
Ashford Stephens – Div 6 SILVER
Spencer Stephens – Div 7 – SILVER
Jersey Johnston – Div 8 – BRONZE
Gerad Popowich – Div 9 – SILVER
Our other skaters did very well too!
Brooke Jory – T2T14 – 4th
Rebekah Shurnaik – T2T12 – 5th
Avery Stephens – T2T13 – 7th
Terissa Wright – T2T11 – 10th
Jayva Andersen – Div 2 – 8th
Gabe Wennecamp – Div 3 – 4th
Erika Pollard – Div 3 – 9th
Kaylee Kisser – Div 5 – 6th
Bronson Romanchuk – Div 6 – 4th
Hannah Wright – Div 7 – 6th
Erika Shurniak – Div 7 – 10th
Samantha Lothrop – Div 7 – 14th
Katelyn Popowich –  Div 8 – 11th