CACLT Championships & Results

Updated with Results:

Canadian Age Class Long Track Championships

Congratulations to Jayva A on her silver medal in 500m girls T2T11!





































The Border Blades will have 6 skaters eligible to compete at the Canadian Age Class Long Track Championships in Edmonton on February 4-5. Congratulations to Jayva A, Shaye H, Keeley L, Leander L, Erica P, and Rebekah S.  This is a national level competition, and a great experience for our skaters!

Long Track Mini Meet

The first ever Long Track Mini Meet for the Border Blades happened on January 9 outside on the oval. The skaters definitely appreciated the warmth of the new Speed Den. We are so proud of all our skaters who braved the cold to have some racing fun on the oval. Kids from Active Start all the way up to Junior attended, and we saw a lot of smiling faces in the Den!

Long Track Mini Meet January 9


Border Blades Bus Trip

Our club is very excited to be attending the Alberta Indoor Long Track Meet in Calgary on January 13-15, 2017.  This is the first year we have gone to a long track meet on our bus trip, and we managed to fill the whole bus!

Please wish all the following Border Blades skaters good luck this coming weekend:

Jayva A., Venna A., Aileoma B., Madison B., Shaye H., Jersey J., Brooke J., Hadley K., Kaylee k., Keeley L., Leander L., Leland L., Samantha L., Alyssa M., Kyla N., Erika P., Katelyn P., Erika S., Rebakah S., Lisa S., Ashford S., Avery S., Spencer S., Emma S., and Gabe W.

A few trip notes:

  • Paperwork must be given to Shauna by Thursday night.  This includes the registration and waiver forms.
  • The bus will leave at 12:30 on Friday January 13 from the SCC.  Parking at the SCC lot over the weekend is permitted.
  • Make sure you have all the required safety equipment packed.
  • Skins are available for the meet at a cost of $10.  Please contact Lee for rental.
  • Fees will be collected sometime after the trip.


Border Blades in Action

Good luck to all our Border Blade skaters attending meets this week!

Emma S. will be attending the Canada Cup #2 in Calgary January 3-6.  This is a National long track event, and will be broadcast on the Oval YouTube Channel.

The Saskatoon Long Track Meet takes place on January 7-8.  Border Blades Shaye H., Kyla N., Avery S., Ashford S., and Spencer S. will be competing.

Saskatoon Long Track Meet Information & Results

Updated with Results:

Saskatoon Long Track Meet Results

Great job to our skaters Shaye H, Kyla N, Ashford S, Spencer S, and Avery S.

Here is a great warm-up opportunity for anyone heading to Calgary on our bus trip!

Saskatoon Long Track Meet is being held on January 7 & 8 2017.  Registration is due by December 22, 2016.  Please make sure to update the competition document to indicate you are attending.

Saskatoon Long Track Meet Registration

Bus Trip Information

The Border Blades bus trip is heading to the Alberta Indoor Long Track Meet in Calgary on January 13-15, 2017.  We are planning for the bus to leave at 12:30 p.m. on Friday January 13, from the SCC.

Below is the link with registration papers.  Please fill out the entry form in the meet information package, as well as the waiver.  Shauna will post a time for form and fee collection.  You will be able to pay your bus fees at the same time.  Registration Deadline is January 5, 2017.

Alberta Indoor Long Track Meet Registration


Fire On Ice Schedule and Divisions

Fire on Ice is happening tomorrow, and we hope all the kids are getting excited for a fun day of skating.

Tentative schedule for the day: Fire on Ice XIII Schedule

Skater Divisions: Fire on Ice XIII Divisions

Please note divisions may change if we have scratches in the morning.

Dressing room assignments are as follows:

Division 1-3 – field house dressing rooms.  There will be 4 rooms to share.
Division 4 – room 10.
Division 5-6 – room 4.
Division 7-8 – room 8.
Division 9-10 – room 10.

We have chosen to assign dressing rooms by division rather than team.  We are hoping this will help the kids make friends with skaters from other clubs, as well as make marshalling easier.