Border Blades Calendar Updates

Our calendar for the 2017-18 season is updated with all the practise, mini meet, and special event times.  There is a link on the calendar page if you wish to add the Border Blades gmail calendar to your mobile device.

Border Blades Calendar

We also request that you fill out the competition entries sheet.  Let us know which mini meets and out of town meets your skater will be attending.  This helps our coaches and mini meet managers.  You can edit at any time.

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AB Provincial Team

Congratulations to Emma Stephens for being named to the Alberta Short Track Development team for the 2016-2017 season!

There are certain time standards in place for this team and the other levels within the provincial system.  These are great goals to keep in mind as you prepare for your next season of long and short track training.  The Development Team standard ensures that you receive a provincial skin suit and team jacket, while the other levels come with some amount of funding.

2015-16 AB Provincial team Criteria (these are the times from last year and are updated if new records are set)

Provincial Short Track – Avg times under 115%.  Note that your times are an average of your 500m, 1000m times along with one of your 1500m or 3000m times.

ST Prov Standards 2015-16






Long Track – only one time standard is required to earn a spot on a specific team

LT Prov Standards 2015-16


Border Blades Calendar Updates

Our calendar is now updated!  If you spot any errors, please email the club.  Thanks!
If you would like to add the Border Blades gmail calendar to your own calendar on your mobile device, there is a link on the bottom of the calendar you can use for that process.

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-please fill in which meets your skater will be attending.  This helps out our coaches and mini-meet managers. You can edit at any time.

How Far Do You Want to Go?

What are your long term and short term speed skating goals?  Do you want to skate for fitness, semi-competitively or competitively?


If your goals include competitively skating past your high school years, you might need to achieve some time standards and begin your training toward those goals.

Two of our Border Blades are currently doing just that!  Working hard in Calgary this fall are Sarah St. Marie and Jenna Merth who are part of the Olympic Oval elite training pathways and AB Provincial Development teams.  Sarah is a short tracker in the Neo & Senior group while Jenna is in the Level Jenna2 Long track group.  Both train in approximately 10 – 12 different sessions each week while attending classes at the University of Calgary.  It is hard work but very rewarding!


Here are some documents that might encourage you to follow the same path as these skaters!  If you earn your way onto the Provincial Development team, you receive an AB Provincial jacket and a provincial skin suit.  Higher than the PD team, earns you some funding.

2015-16 Provincial Team

2015-16 AB Provincial team Criteria

Provincial Short Track – Avg times under 115%.  Note that your times are an average of your 500m, 1000m times along with one of your 1500m or 3000m times.

ST Prov Standards 2015-16

Long Track – only one time standard is required to earn a spot on a specific team

LT Prov Standards 2015-16


2015 Long Track Elite Pathway

2015 Short Track Elite Pathway

Canmore Summer Training Camp Registration

AASSALogoJune 16, 2015:  Spots Still Open!

The 4th annual AASSA Canmore Camp will run from Tuesday, June 30 – Sunday, July 5 at the Alpine Clubhouse.  This for T2T and Junior aged skaters.

Alpine Club of Canada.


May 15 – June 21 (click here)

There are limited spots at the Alpine Club and therefore, registration is first come first served.  Please make sure you get your registration in early.

The registration is open Friday, May 15 – June 21.

Border Blades:  This is an excellent and fun camp and we encourage skaters to give it a try.  You will make new friends and challenge yourself in a beautiful setting!

Please note that skaters can look for accommodation elsewhere if the Club House does fill up, in order to participate in the camp.

The camp will be for T2T and Junior athletes and will again focus on aerobic development. Details will be out this week with the registration on line.

Upcoming Events

The end of our season is fast approaching!  The last Mini-meet will be on Thursday, March 12 and will mark the end of our season for a lot of skaters.  The exception to this are the skaters who qualify for Can West and the SS3 skaters: both groups will practice during the SS3 time on March 15 & 16.

It generally takes the coaches a couple weeks after the last mini-meet to get the years personal bests done, and our photographers to create collages.  Wind-up parties will likely be planned for the week of March 23-27.

If you volunteered to do pictures and collages please make sure to coordinate with your group leader.  If you are unsure if anyone is doing this it would be important that parents start bringing cameras and sharing pictures so someone can create a collage for your group of kids.

Upcoming Dates and Participants:

February 27 – March 1 – Winterfest Calgary ST  (Good luck to Sarah S., Emma S., Rayel G., Paige J., and Brooke J.)

February 28  –  Prince Albert  (Good luck to Keely L.)

March 7th – Lethbridge ST

March 12 – MINI MEET 3 and the last day of skating for L2S, SS1, and SS2

March 13 – 15 – Winter Classic Long Track -Calgary. (Good luck to Jenna M.)
Winter Classic Results

March 16 – Last day of skating for SS2.5 and SS3

March 19 – 22  Canada Cup #4 – Calgary LT (Good luck to Jenna M.)

March 21 – 22 – Canada West Championships Qualified skaters  (skaters to be determined)

March 19 – 21 – Canadian Jr. Open  ST Championships #2 – Toronto (Good luck to Sarah S.)

May 9 – 10 – Annual AASSA Speed Skating training camp + AASSA Annual Meeting

Husky Energy Oval is Open for Skating!

Attention all Border Blades speed skaters.  The Husky Energy Oval at the Servus Centre is now ready for skating!  The AB Long Track championships are soon approaching (Jan 9-10th for Juniors and Jan 10-11 for younger skaters) with only a few official club practices to get ready.  The deadline for entries is January 1 – please give to Bill.

So, it is strongly suggested that you take advantage of our milder weather and practice over the school break.  If you cannot get there during the day, the lights will be on until 9:00 pm each night.

Be aware that their might still be a few rough patches and try to avoid the tire tracks left by the oval watering truck as the grit will strip your edges very quickly.  It might be a good idea to leave practicing your starts until the end of your workout as that would be the hardest on your blades. The back stretch is a cleaner section, so starts over there might give you a better experience.  Skaters should sharpen after each practice. Most of you will be competing in some longer races so get some laps under your belt.  A 3000m is close to 8 laps!

When we return to skating on January 5 all groups will remain inside on the short track except for the SS3 , 2.5 and Masters.

SS3 , SS2.5 and Masters groups will be outside for the month of January as the prepare for their long track season. Speed Skate 2.5 skaters can stay with the 3’s on the long track for the duration of long track season on Mondays,from 7:00-8:30 pm and Sundays 6:30-8:00 pm.


Speed Skating Skins

1297522533129_ORIGINALSpeed Skating skins reduce wind resistance and are the preferred practice clothing.  If club member has a speed skating practice skin that is no longer in use, please contact the club ( as new and/or younger members are always looking to purchase or borrow these. Thanks!