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Border Blades:  We are just letting everyone know that if you wish to buy or sell speed skating related equipment, we can help advertise for you or find the piece you need.

Please email requests for buying or selling equipment to Shelley Merth and it will be posted for you on the website: Everything from soccer shin pads, helmets, to speed skating skins, skate boots and blades!

Price, contact info and picture are appreciated with these requests.

Visit our webpage – Buy and Sell Equipment!

Required Equipment and Information

Border Blades Equipment Summary

Skate Sharpening & Family Day Skate

The Border Blades will be having our Annual Family Fun Skate Feb 16 from 12pm-2 pm. This year we would like to have extra skates out for people to try Speed Skating so please invite those who you think are interested!  

In order to do this we need to get blades attached to skates and ensure they are sharpened. We are asking for some assistance with that. We will be holding a work bee Sunday, Feb 15 at 4:00 at the Servus Sports Center.

We ask that anyone who has tools for attaching blades to bring them.  Also if you have a jig, please bring it as well. The more people we have helping out the quicker this will go, so even if you have not sharpened before please come as this will give you a great opportunity to learn.

Sign Up Now!

Please click on the sign up button so that we know how many people to expect.  Thank you !


How to Sharpen Speed Skates

Here is a video by Long Track National Team member Gilmore Junio and Canadian National team equipment technician Reece Derraugh.  These guys know what they are talking about!

Topics covered:

  • How to Sharpen Speed Skates -do’s and don’ts
  • Equipment to be used
  • What is a rocker?
  • What is a burr?
  • How to deburr skates

If you don’t have a sharpening jig or sharpening stones yet, please ask a Speed Skate III skater to sharpen skates for you.  The cost is $8.00 per pair and should be done at least every 4 practices or so.  Please do not have your child skate on dull skates – it is very difficult.  Please see a coach or an older skater to show you how to check for sharpness.

Skate Sharpening Video Link

Speed Skating Skins

1297522533129_ORIGINALSpeed Skating skins reduce wind resistance and are the preferred practice clothing.  If club member has a speed skating practice skin that is no longer in use, please contact the club ( as new and/or younger members are always looking to purchase or borrow these. Thanks!

Need Skate Sharpening?

If you require some skate sharpening for your son or daughter’s speed skate blades, our SSIII’s can help you out.  For just $7, you can have one of these athletes do your work for you!

*If blades are in poor condition, fee may be higher as sharpening can take up to an hour to complete.

Please keep up with sharpening blades- every 3-4 practices to maintain good blade condition. Once skaters practice outside, skates will potentially have to be sharpened every 1-2 practices.

Contact personally or via email:
(for email address contact or go to past emails from club)
Ryan Dodyk
Jenna Merth
Rachel Collins
Sarah St. Marie
Jade Langenfurth
Haley Leasak
Paige Jory

5 Slide Boards Available – free!

If you are a Border Blade member interested in having a slide board to train on at home, please contact

Only five more are available!  First come, first served! There is a tutorial video on the training page of this website and any coach can also help you get started with these exercises.

A slideboard will help you with your strength and conditioning for speed skating. Did we mention that they are free?