Canmore Dryland Camp – July

July 6-11 2014 Canmore Camp Reg Form

Forms are also located on the AASSA website (click)

Attention all T2T and older skaters:  This camp is geared towards those who are in or past their growth spurt but younger T2T athletes may attend if they can complete the required activities (significant inline skating, hiking, biking, dryland exercises etc).  See above Registration form for more details.

This an excellent camp!  Ryan, Jade and Jenna have attended for the last two years.  It is great exercise, a beautiful setting, a challenge, and a lot of fun.  It is also a really great way to meet skaters from other clubs.


Clara’s Big Ride!

The  Border Blades had a chance to hear Clara Hughes speak on Friday, June 6 at ES Laird before she left on the next leg of her cycling journey across Canada.
Clara Hughes support vehicleClara Hughes, six-time Canadian Olympic speed skating and cycling medallist came Lloydminster for her Bell Let’s Talk/Clara’s Big Ride tour.  She is on a 110-day national bicycle tour to promote awareness for mental health issues.  The goal is to empower youth to understand what mental health means to them and how they can support others who may be suffering.  She spoke of her troubled youth, and how her dedication to sport and reaching out to others had helped to turn her life around.  She encouraged everyone in the audience to pursue their passions as well as to reach out to those with mental illness.  Through this incredible journey she wishes to break down the stigmas and barriers to those who suffer from this illness.

Video Clips

For more information, visit Bell Let’s Talk: Clara’s Big Ride at