Mini Meet #1 Nov. 6

Our first mini meet is right around the corner.  Next Thursday, November 6, skaters will be competing in various races against skaters that are similar in ability.  This is a great event for new and experienced skaters.  First races start at 5:00 pm.

Mini meets are not only a time for our kids to practice their skills but also a time for parent volunteers to learn their jobs so that when Fire on Ice comes, it runs smoothly.  Fire on Ice is our yearly sanctioned meet in which athletes from other clubs compete with our skaters. Fire on Ice is on Saturday, December 6.

We are going to try something new for signing up for jobs for Mini-meet #1. We have set up an online sign up for Mini Meet #1 using SignUp Genius. If it works well we will use it for Fire on Ice and the remaining Mini Meets.  Press the button below to sign up!

Sign Up Now!

View the jobs that are required for the mini meet and sign up for one you would like to try!  There are always lots of “old timers” around to guide you.

We encourage parents to set up a free account rather than signing in as a guest user.  It is easy to set up an account and makes it easier for you to track and change anything if you need to!  Bookmark this site as we hope to use it again!
If you are unsure of what the jobs entail, please refer to the Parent Manual that was sent out a few weeks ago.  It is also posted on this website.  If you are still unsure just ask someone who looks like they have been around a while!


AASSA 2014-2015 Skater Development Bulletin

Here is this year’s skater development bulletin which will provide you information on what is happening in AASSA this year.  This is also located on the AASSA website under the Skaters tab.

Skater Development Bulletin 2014-15

Here are the topics within the bulletin:

The Skater Development Bulletin and Committee
1. Objectives and Goals
2. The Skater Development Committee Structure
3. Authority of the SDC
4. The Appeal Process
5. Naming of Provincial Teams and Skater Development Bulletin (SDB) Release Dates

Speed Skating Canada (SSC) Competitions
6. SSC Age Categories
7. International Skating Union (ISU) Age Categories
8. SSC Sanctioned Events

The Provincial Teams for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 Season
9. General
10. Eligibility
11. Commitment
12. Short Track Performance Criteria
13. Long Track Performance Criteria
14. Support Amount
15. Support Exceptions
16. Eligible Areas for Support
17. (Alberta) National Team (NT) and National Development Team (NDT) Members
18. Provincial Team Member Requirements
19. Marketing and Promotion of AASSA’s Provincial Teams
20. Alberta Team Skin Suits and Warm-ups
21. Skater Representative Elections
22. Evaluation of the Coaching Program and AASSA Support
23. Badge Program
AASSA Support at Competitions
24. Canadian Age Class, Canada West and Canadian ST Championships
25. Accommodation Guidelines at Competitions
26. Designated AASSA Coaches for Meets
27.  Parent volunteers


SS2.5 Skating Starts!

The SS2.5 season will start on Sunday October 5th at 6:00 pm to 6:40 pm. This is a new time slot for the SS2.5 group only, and being a small group we will need assistance from parents and skaters to put up the mats prior to practicing. The SS3’s practice starts immediately after the SS2.5 practice and will take down the mats.

Upcoming Schedule
Sunday October  5 – 6:00 – 6:40
Monday October  6 – 6:45 – 8:30
Thursday October 9   – No skating for SS2.5
Sunday October 12 – No skating (Thanksgiving weekend)
Monday October 13 – No skating (Thanksgiving holiday)

Regular Season Start is Thursday, October 16
Sundays – 6:00 – 6:40 pm
Mondays – 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Thursdays – 5:45 – 6:45 pm