New! Border Blades Buy & Sell Equipment Page

Border Blades:  We are just letting everyone know that if you wish to buy or sell speed skating related equipment, we can help advertise for you or find the piece you need.

Please email requests for buying or selling equipment to Shelley Merth and it will be posted for you on the website: Everything from soccer shin pads, helmets, to speed skating skins, skate boots and blades!

Price, contact info and picture are appreciated with these requests.

Visit our webpage – Buy and Sell Equipment!

Required Equipment and Information

Border Blades Equipment Summary

Speed Skating Registration Coming Soon!

Please check back here in the next few days for more information regarding our new skater registration night.

Skater Groups, Fees, and Practice nights: 2016-2017 Information Sheet

We will be hosting our own registration night where parents can speak directly to our coaches
The Border Blades run an ability based program. We try to put skaters with a group they can grow with.  Depending on the skater they may develop faster than their group.  In cases like that, our coaches will move them up to the next group.  We want to challenge your skater without making them feel intimidated.
If you choose to speed skate you will have the opportunity to go to many out of town meets, however we do not require you to go.  We host a home meet and various mini meets within our club so skaters who can not travel for one reason or another still have the opportunity to race.  We love to see skaters travel as it is never fun to practice a sport and never “compete” but understand this is not something everyone can do.