National Short Track Team Training Video

Slide Board Technique Video
The slide board is used for dryland skating imitations.

Gliding: Leg Extension & Recovery (Speed Skating Canada ST)

Gliding: Leg Extended (Speed Skating Canada ST)

Canadian National Team Members:  Gilmore Junio ( and Dustin Miller ( present a series of excellent instructional videos on speed skating training.

DG Tips: Dry Skate
DG Tips: Weight Transfer (LT)
DG Tips: Top 7 Leg Burners
DG Tips: Top 5 Fundamental Drills to Master (ST)
DG Tips: Low Walk
DG Tips: Cables Part 1:  Static
DG Tips: Cables Part 2:  Straightaway Slide
DG Tips: Cables Part 3:  Crossovers
DG Tips: K.I.S.S.

Long Track Corners Video

Canadian Long Track Speed Skating Video

Canadian Long Track Spring Team Summer Training Video:  Diamonds (2012)

Behind the Scenes: Long Track High Performance Camp (Penticton, BC -2013)

Concussions – video by Dr. Mike Evans (Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of Toronto)